Starting over in year 25 of adulting

I never thought that on the year of my 25th wedding anniversary my husband, Chris, and I would become grandparents. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine we would become parents again.

How It Began

A young woman stayed with my husband and me in 2015, through Mercy House, a local maternity home. We were a host family home to her and her two-month-old. During that time, we grew very close to the mother and child, and we as a family experienced lots of hurdles! For about six months, we were the child’s guardians. Ultimately, mother and child moved out of state after the child’s first birthday.

That was a little over a year ago. Now, the mother has two children, and we keep in touch through Facebook, but not regularly.

Last week, I was praying in the morning, outside with  God, my pets, the wind, and the birds. Talking to God, I realized that my passion for crisis pregnancy isn’t what it was even a year ago. Something has changed in me, redirecting me — but to what? I asked God what the next ministry would be for me, and I got no immediate answer. So, I decided to be consistent with that prayer.

However, when I checked my Facebook that same day, I received a rather urgent message from the mother who had lived with us. She indicated that her son may need us. She did not have a phone, so I was at the mercy of her getting back to me with details. I told my husband, and to my surprise (we are officially empty nesters now), he said that we should get the boy — the one who had lived with us — in our custody. We had asked the mother to write a letter stating we could have custody of the child, should anything happen to her, and the letter was in our safety deposit box.

Foster Not One, but Two!

Both my daughter and mother told Chris and I that we should take both children. I realized, this is the next phase of ministry for me, and my husband is on board to be an integral player. I’m scared. What if my health doesn’t hold up? What if the kids are “broken” and need more than I can offer? What if the mother swoops back in and takes them away from us? What if their fathers want them, after we’ve fostered them for years? I am scared that my heart will be broken.

But God is my strength. God is my wisdom. God is my healer, my leader, my guide in life.

As I keep calling case workers and learn about how to become a foster parent in Texas, I’m getting excited — and so is Chris. We are both scared, but we’re also looking forward to this new adventure. Our adult children are amazing, and we care for our granddaughter three days a week, while her mom and dad work. We have a nursery and playroom in our house, as well as strollers, high chairs, toys — we’re set up for this. God’s been setting us up for this since December 31, 1992, when we both said “I do” to one another. Now, we can both say “I do” to God’s plan. It’s awesome. My mom always said, “Life is just an adventure.” She’s so right.

Please pray that God’s will will be completed, in his timing, in this situation.

Thank you!

Shauna Duty

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