Waiting on the Lord is one of the most difficult challenges a Christian faces. Waiting on healing that may never come this side of heaven can deplete strength and singe the edges of the strongest faiths. Paul had a “thorn” that he prayed to be freed of, but it was not God’s will to relieve his burden. This is the same Paul who was blind instantly, then saw instantly. The same Paul who saw prisons shake, chains broken, and unbelieving Roman jailers turned to Jesus. This is the Paul whose very shadow healed people, but his thorn was not healed. It doesn’t add up. He gave his entire post-salvation life to the cause of Christ and suffered violently, yet kept marching on faithfully, from town to town, accumulating scars and stories at every stop. Paul had faith, and scripture says:

Ask anything in my name, and it will be given to you. John 14;14 

The faith of a mustard seed can move mountains. Matthew 17:20

Your faith has healed you, my child. Go, and sin no more. Mark 5:34

We read this words and believe to our core that we, like the cripple at Beautiful and the woman who touched Jesus’ robe in the crowd, can be healed! And we can — in God’s timing and if it’s in accordance with his will. His will IS going to be done, regardless of how we feel about it it, and it is GOOD for us, if we are his.

I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans for a hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father took delight to give you the Kingdom. Luke 12:32

So welcome to ChronicTrust.com, a blog site dedicated to living through the chronic pain of life. I developed some undefinable condition after my gall bladder was removed in January of 2106, and it flares up a few times a month. During the flares, I’m in pain and pretty much in bed most of the time. Doctors, including specialists, are at a loss. Tests show nothing. I work with a wonderful Christian acupuncturist/chiropractor and my general practitioner to manage symptoms. Though I’ve claimed healing and believed it, healing has been fleeting, coming only in fits and spurts — teasing me and never remaining for long. I have no idea why my sweet Jesus will not heal me, and I fully believe that he’s more than capable. I simply have to trust him. That’s easier said that done, but with God all things are possible, thank him.

My brother has some chronic issues that he struggles with as well — and from a logical, world view, these medically confirmed conditions negatively impact the life of his family in many ways. From finances to family outings to day-to-day living, his chronic issues cause intense stress, for him and his wonderful wife. He is so very blessed, though, because his family cleaves to God for everything, and God blesses them with such love!

My best friend has been challenged with a family member who struggles with prescription drug addiction, to the point that it has wrecked this person’s health, marriage, life, and relationships. It goes against all we know and feel to love the unlovable — the ones who have no desire to love us in return. It’s so very, very hard. Yet we must trust that Jesus wants us to love everyone, regardless of their hangups, and regardless of whether that love is reciprocated or rejected.

We all have family members, friends, and loved ones who struggle. Even if you do not directly suffer from an illness or addiction, you know someone who does. Perhaps you walk beside a chronic sufferer as a caregiver, prayer warrior, or confidant. If so, you probably have some interesting and insightful questions, answers, anecdotes, or information that would be uplifting to others affected directly or indirectly by chronic struggles.

This website is a blog, intended to become a community where we can share tales of suffering and success, for the purpose of helping one another, in Jesus’ name. Acts is my favorite book of the Bible, because the early Christians “shared everything so that no one was in want, and everyone was of one heart.” This is so precious — and valuable! I hope that you join me in following their lead in the Internet Age, by participating in this community.

You can:

You did not find ChronicTrust.com by accident. God knew that I would build this website and that you would find it. Please take a moment to pray about how you can participate.

Blessings, peace, and joy to you –

Shauna Duty